Geographical location of Ernen
The village Ernen with 530 inhabitants is located at the altitude of 1150 m above sea level. Mild, clear summers and magnificent winters characterize the village in the Goms in the Upper Rhone Valley. Fantastic panoramic throughout the year.

The Eggishorn 2926 m offers the widest panoramic view of the Valais and is the only point from which you can admire the Aletsch Glacier in its entire length and elegance. To the north, you can see the mountains Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, Wannenhorn and Finsteraarhorn, in the west the Weisshorn, the Mischabel with the cathedral and the most famous mountain in the Alps, the Matterhorn.

Beautiful scenery in the northeastern part of the Valais. The Goms stretches from Grengiols to the Rhône glacier.

The bold mountain pioneers in the 18th century appreciated the fresh mountain air. Among them, Edward Whymper, who ascended the Matterhorn first. Undaunted, the climbers gave the pull of healthy heights – toward climate. 1840 defeated the first, the Eggishorn, 1859 followed the Aletschhorn. What has changed is the offer: A modern infrastructure as well as the entertainment and sports facilities were added.

Incomparable car-free sunny plateau at 1900 – 2000 m amidst a splendid natural landscape. The Aletsch glacier is unique- with 24 kilometers the longest glacier in the Alps